Father Jonathan Ficara
Pastor & Campus Minister
860-429-6436 ext. 104 (office at St. Thomas)

Deacon Kim Thompson
860-429-6436 | 860-742-0681

Antonio Aguilera
860-429-6436 (St. Thomas)

Ernie Golnik
Director of Sacred Music/Associate Director of Parish Administration
860-429-6436 ext. 102 (office at St. Thomas)

Rebecca Holmes
Director of Faith Formation and Youth and Young Adult Ministry/Assistant Director of Parish Ministries
860-742-1092 ext. 203 (office at St Mary)

Jennifer Kearney
Director of Finance
860-742-0681 ext. 202 (office at St. Mary)

Eileen Rivers
Associate Director of Parish Administration
860-742-0681 ext. 201 (office at St. Mary)

Richard McKee
RCIA Coordinator

St. Thomas: 860-429-6436 - Fax 860-429-2809
St. Mary: 860-742-0681 - Fax 860-742-1318

Summer Business Hours for Both Churches:
At Saint Mary:
Monday-Friday 9:00am- 3:00pm
Closed on legal holidays and Holy Days