OLQOP Christmas Fair

Posted on December 14, 2021 in: General News

OLQOP Christmas Fair

Barbara and I would like to thank everyone on the fair committee and all those that assisted in the moving, setup, packing during that week because you turned the hall into a beautiful Christmas display. Thank you to the kitchen staff for delicious food and all those who baked; my personal gratitude for all those goodies we had for sale. To our parishioners, you are the best in the donations to the booths and the Raffle table. Congratulations to all the winners! Because of your generosity and the many shoppers, we were able to raise $5705 for our Parish. Further, this team also raised $600 at our summer tag sale and $1700 at the 2020 Fall Craft Fair for a total of $8005 for our parish. We wish to acknowledge the Thrift and Gift Shop that donated $400 to the fair committee, and this allows us to buy supplies, etc. and not have to ask the parish to pay for those expenses. In return we donated, at the close of the fair, eight boxes of beautiful items to them so they in turn can raise funds. We were also able to donate many items to our Giving Tree committee You all are an impressive group! Merry Christmas!

Janice Sentivany