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Altar Linen Washers Judy McChesney 860-487-0750
Aquinas Lecture Series Tom Deans 860-617-9926
Baptism Dave Imhof 860-742-0681
Baptismal Gown Sewing Ginette Gagnon 860-742-7589
Building & Grounds Mike Rice 860-455-1414
Faith Sharing Dick Long 860-429-3541
Finance Ministry Norman Landry 860-742-8082
FOCUS Jack Crisafi ‭404-394-6133‬
Fund Raiser Committee    
Grad Student Bible Study Dick Long 860-429-3541
Grief Ministry Jackie Langdo 860-487-0199
Knights of Columbus    
Library Ministry Kathy McKee 860-617-0208
Liturgical Ministry Mary Bruno 860-429-3696
Liturgical Petition Writer Eileen Rivers 860-742-0681
Liturgy Committee Mary Bruno 860-429-3696
Marriage Preparation Marge & Frank Pearson 860-742-6934
Money Counters Jennifer Kearney 860-429-6436
Muffin Ministry Cathy Quinn 860-488-2425
Music & Choir Ministry Ernie Golnik 860-429-6436
Parking Joyce Wiggins 860-429-6436 ext. 103
Pastoral Council David Imhof 860-742-7745
RCIA Ministry Dick McKee 860-617-0183
Religious Education Rebecca Holmes 860-742-1092 ext. 203
Round Table Vince Audette 860-456-4906
Shawl Ministry Jackie Langdo 860-487-0199
Soup Kitchen Dick McKee 860-617-0183
Space Use Ernie Golnik 860-429-6436
Sunday Coffee Jackie Langdo 860-487-0199
The Book Club Dick Long 860-429-3541
TLC (Tom's Leadership Council)    
Visitation Ministry Judy Baxter 860-487-0748
W.A.I.M Dick McKee 860-617-0183
Webmaster Joyce Wiggins 860-429-6436
Women's Council Susan Palmer 860-742-0681