Faith Formation

Info and Registration

Welcome to Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish, Saint Mary and Saint Thomas. We welcome you and your family to our faith community.

We provide many faith opportunities for families and individuals to meet your spiritual growth and needs. We currently have Faith Formation for Grades 1 through 10, including preparation for First Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation. Your child will be welcomed into our program with other young people from the communities of Coventry, Mansfield, Storrs and other surrounding towns.

You'll find information for the 2020-2021 Faith Formation year below. Faith Formation this year will be online, or in small groups and gatherings based on school, town, state and Diocese guidelines when we are able to safely do so. The safety of your children is at the heart of our planning. Dates and times will be adjusted as necessary to keep our students and catechists and their families safe. 

Once you register, we will be in contact with you regarding updates, opportunities and spiritual support. Please look below for more information. Be assured that you are in our prayers! 


Devonn Pafume
Director of Faith Formation

Reverend John Antonelle



(Short version - Classes are not beginning this weekend, but will soon - read on for more info)


Dear Parents and Catechists,


"The pandemic has demonstrated how fragile faith formation approaches and programming were and how dependent they were on fixed time programming in physical spaces at church facilities and in the other locations (retreat houses, service project locations, etc.) When gatherings at church were no longer possible, faith formation in many places just came to a halt. The pandemic has called into question how durable and resilient our current forms of ministry and faith formation really are."


Diocese of Norwich
Office of Faith Formation


In an ordinary year we'd be planning to resume Faith Formation sessions right about now, but this is no ordinary year. Some of you have reached out to let us know how deeply concerned you are about keeping your children safe. We share those concerns, too.


Last year we were able to start classroom activities this week. This year we cannot do that. There will be a rich and full Faith Formation program in place for this year, and those who are preparing for sacraments will still be prepared to receive them. Faith Formation will resume soon, and while we don't have all the details yet, we know that it will initially be online. As things get better, and when we are sure we can do so safely, we'll be able to move into some socially-distanced in-person events, but we are not there yet. The Diocese continues to be hard at work putting together resources for all our parishes to use - online, in-person and hybrid - and they are also working on putting into place procedures and protections to keep our children safe. Moving online presents a new set of challenges and we are just as concerned about keeping your children safe online as we are about keeping them safe in person. We, and all parishes, will need a little more time to ensure that no harm is done. 


Additionally, as our former Faith Formation Director Kathleen D'Amelio is now the Diocese of Norwich Director of Safe Environments, we have been in a search to fill her former parish role, and we plan to make an announcement very soon regarding that. 


Let us know if you have a concern that isn't covered here and we'll make sure that it gets addressed (if it hasn't been already). It is our goal to be thorough.


For those who haven't registered yet for the new Faith Formation year, the registration forms are up on our website ( ) and like last year you can do it all online. Mail-in registration is still available for those who prefer it.


Thank you for your time.