Aquinas Lecture Series

A Brave New World is Coming: Is the Catholic Church Ready for 2050?

by Phillip M. Thompson, JD, PhD

Friday April 6, 7:30 pm
Aquinas Student Center,
46 North Eagleville Road; UConn Campus.

Dr. Thompson, who has written extensively on religion and technology, will explore how by the year 2050, the world will be transforming in myriad ways. We will be capable of genetically modifying the physical and perhaps the mental capabilities of newborns. Automation will be taking away many traditional jobs. There will probably not be enough young working people to support a social welfare state. Computers will be much smarter in some ways than humans. We could be more lost in endless technological connectedness. And what of the Church in this world? Will we have enough young people still worshiping in the faith? Will we have enough religious priests or sisters? How can we humanize such a world? With great challenges come equally large opportunities for the faith.